Trail running in the mountains around Annecy.

My personal path to an active lifestyle.

Someone once told me “life is moving, you should too” , while explaining to me why they liked to exercise. It stuck. At the time, I was already running regularly, but I didn’t always like it. Now I enjoy it all the time. …

From daily physical exercise to daily meditation training : Extending the happiness state of mind to daily life.

I am 47 and I have been trail running (or urban running when living in a big city) for the last 27 years. I run moderate distances (6 to 15 kms) at least twice a week. I run because I feel good when doing it and I feel even better…

Lac d’Annecy. Source CIXI

En transformant les aller-retours passifs du quotidien en voyages actifs.

Le bonheur peut prendre de nombreuses formes, de la sérénité aux plaisirs simples. Heureux, je me sens vivant et connecté au monde qui m’entoure. J’ai la conviction qu’il s’agit là d’une qualité qui doit être travaillée par chacun d’entre nous…

Replacing daily commutes by daily active commuting.

Annecy Lake (Source: CIXI)

Developing a durable state of happiness for every day is possible.

Happiness can take many shapes, from serenity to simple pleasures. When you are happy, you feel alive and connected to the living around you. I believe this is a quality that needs to be developed by each of us, just like when you…

(English version here)

Randonnée d’automne, Le Plateau des Glières (2019). Crédit CIXI.

Dans une startup comme CIXI, il est coutumier de décrire la vision que porte l’entreprise (améliorer la qualité de vie de ses pilotes, réduire notre empreinte carbone) comme étant son objectif, sa destination, tandis que la mission de l’entreprise sera le chemin emprunté pour parvenir à cet…


We build Active Low-Footprint “HYFIT” Vehicles

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