Physical training and meditation: a great synergy

From daily physical exercise to daily meditation training : Extending the happiness state of mind to daily life.

Daily physical activity generates daily moments of wellness

  • During the effort, I enjoy the focus on muscle work, on the effort and pain management. I appreciate the focus on maintaining the heart rate and the breathing in balance.
  • Sharp and crisp feeling/ sensation of being here and now — running up a path or running down a technical slope requires attention, which dissolves circling or intrusive thoughts. I’ve noticed that does not work if the path is not asking for enough concentration.
  • An overall state of physical flow of energy, with no ‘swamps zones’ in the body, nor in the mind. Physical wellbeing through endorphins and a good sweating, not to mention an improved fitness. Mental state oscillates from focus (technical path, uphill strain) to relaxed mindstate (just after a peak effort, when relief sets in) — with times of tiredness or boredom.

Daily meditation training sessions stabilize, deepen and extend my happiness

  • I do no longer react with 180 pulses per minute heart beats under any stressful situations (even benign ones would have done that to me in the past). Recently a car driver honked in an unfriendly way while I was biking — I managed to avoid completely the heart rate increase, by not reacting with anger. At work as well as at home, I manage conflicts with more serenity than before, hence solving them more easily. My ability to step back from nocive emotions (fear / anger / resentment…) has seriously improved.
  • I cannot tell whether I generate more positive vibes for my relatives or friends than before, as I’ve always been an enthusiastic guy. But what changed is the stability of my mood: some depressed or nostalgic moments I would experience in the past simply vanished.
  • And last but not least, I experience much longer periods of positive wellness after effects of the training sessions.




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