Reveal your talent in the CIXI adventure

An environment of passionate people

The people who join us are passionate. They love what they do and they love learning every day. This enthusiasm is contagious and generates a virtuous cycle within the company. Our positive mindset -manifested through daily mutual support — also fuels our technological and creative achievements.

At CIXI, our offices are only steps away from our 300m2 mechanical and electrical workshops.

Our lifestyle: try it, you’ll never look back!

Our passion is not limited to the office. We are ambassadors of the active lifestyle we want to offer. We love outdoors activities (biking, trail, hiking, climbing, skiing, etc…). We are lucky to be in Annecy with plenty of beautiful mountains to explore. There is a lot of sharing within the team on these subjects, whether it being a spontaneous ski tour, or getting some advice on where to go for ibex-watching.

Great freedom, great responsibilities

At CIXI, there is no clocking-in every morning. Trainees as well as managers, everyone is responsible for his/her own schedules. Flexibility is a natural counterpart to commitment. This is how we organize ourselves to advance on our projects and achieve our goals.

Be part of a meaningful project

The Hyfit [1] responds to two major issues: the health of the individual and the human impact on the environment.

Growing up with CIXI

Growing with our company is both an opportunity and a necessity.

Future opportunities are to be seized today, join us to express your talent!

Col du Cou, Haute-Savoie — Winter 2020

Notes & references

Coline Clément, CIXI HR Manager



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We build Active Low-Footprint “HYFIT” Vehicles